Monty Merch is a place dedicated to supporting Creators. Creators can send us their designs to make products, which we then sell on this platform.


Monty Merch is named after the mascot of the Creative Novels’ Platform. The cat represents a Creator’s pride, and the flame represents their passion.


Monty Merch is owned by Creative Novels (CrN), which aims to support Authors and Other creators through it’s platform by providing great tools, resources, and opportunities.

Starting with 1 novel, 0 dollars, spamming forums to get views, CrN has grown to generate millions of views and hosts tens of great novels.

It prides itself of its transparency, management, decisive and strong leadership towards future goals.

What to take from this.It is our hope that readers and individuals can support the various creators that are backed by our platform, and those that just use our services.

Join the movement to bringing forth future generations of great content providers!